Question: Do you have a store? Where can I buy your products?

Answer: We are an online retailer and operate in Tokyo. We currently do not have a walk-in store.

Question: How often do you import plantain?

Answer: Approximately 1-2 containers arrive per month depending on the season.

Question: How do I place my order?

Answer: Select the product you want to order and complete the order process. In order to avoid mistakes make sure to provide accurate information. For convenience we recommend account registration to avoid repeating the same process the next time you want to order.

Question: When stock is not available how do I request arrival notification or alert?

Answer: Please complete the available arrival notification/alert form.

Question: Explain your green plantain procedure?


  • Green plantain is currently available in 22kg, 10kg and 7kg boxes.
  • Green plantain delivery is faster than the mixed or ripe plantain.
  • Green plantain delivery typically requires 2-3 days depending on when the order is placed.
  • Ideally the delivery should be completed within 24-48 hours of dispatch.
  • Time your plantain purchase appropriately to ensure you get maximum use out of your order.
  • For Saturday delivery please place your order latest Thursday morning.
  • For Sunday delivery please place your order latest Friday morning.
  • Make sure to store your plantain in ideal conditions.
  • During the autumn and winter seasons green plantain may not ripen naturally. This is due to cold and dry conditions.
  • During the spring and summer seasons green plantain may rapidly ripen. This is due to the hot and humid conditions.
  • If you require ripe plantain please refrain from ordering green plantain.

Question: Explain your ripe and mixed plantain procedure?


  • Ripe and mixed plantain are currently available only in 10kg and 20kg boxes.
  • Ripe and mixed boxes are currently not available in 7kg boxes at this time.
  • Ripe and mixed plantain are made to order. We require approximately 5-7 days lead time once the order is placed.
  • Once you place the order please refrain from changing or cancelling.
  • As soon as your order completes the ripening process we aim to dispatch on the same day.
  • Ideally the delivery should be completed within 24-48 hours of dispatch.
  • In order to continue the ripening process store the plantain in a warm location.
  • Green, ripe and mixed boxes are processed in different locations.
  • Season and weather conditions dictate the rate of ripening.
  • Ideal ripening conditions for plantains are a temperature of between 14-18°C and relative humidity of 90-95%.
  • Refer to the chart below for seasonal ripening level guidelines. Depending on the season and weather conditions ripe fruit ships between Ripe 1 to Ripe 4.
  • Time your plantain purchase appropriately to ensure you get maximum use out of your order.

*Between October to July if you require ripe plantain, when available please make sure to select either the ripe or mixed boxes

**Between July to September if you order green plantain when delivered immediately store in a cool location between 8-14 degrees Celsius

Plantain Ripening Color

Question: Explain your delivery procedure?


  • Japan Post is the delivery company.
  • Shipping is free in the Kanto, Chubu and Kansai regions.
  • Additional shipping cost and delivery time applies to regions marked (+2).
  • Please refer to the map and chart below.
  • Payment is Cash on delivery (COD).
  • All prices include consumption tax of 8%.
  • Credit card payment is not currently available.
  • Delivery to U.S. military facilities is restricted. Please contact us before placing your order.
  • Delivery day and time is based on day of dispatch.
  • Delivery maybe delayed or impossible due to data error, traffic, weather and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Early morning delivery of 08.00-12.00PM may not be available in some regions.
  • Shipping condition is room temperature.
  • Please make sure to be available on the day and at the time you requested the delivery.
  • If you miss your delivery look inside your post box for the red and white ticket pictured below.
  • Please contact us if you need assistance. Delivery will be attempted up to 3 times.
  • Undelivered boxes will be returned to the the warehouse.
  • Please contact us with a valid reason in order to resume the service.
map fuzai
Prefecture details
Question: What is your refund policy?
Answer: Please make sure to receive your delivery as originally scheduled. Please consume the product within 7-10 days. How long you can store the product will depend on ambient temperature and climate conditions. If you are unhappy with your order please contact us and we will do our best to fix it for you. Make sure to send an image of the plantains in the box within 24-48 hours of receipt. In case of a refund we can offer you a transfer to your bank account based on agreement. Inform us of your bank details or post office account at the time. 
Question: What is your privacy policy?
Answer: Your privacy is very important to us. We only use the information you provide to complete your delivery and inform you of future stock availability. We do not share or sell your personal information. Please visit our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy.
Question: What are your Terms and Conditions?
Answer: If and when makes changes to this site and its products and services, may have to update the Terms and Conditions to better reflect those changes. You should review the Terms and Conditions from time to time. Your decision to continue using this site after the Terms and Conditions is updated will signify that you have agreed to any new terms. Please visit our privacy policy here: Conditions Générales.